Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are feeling gratitude for our journey since launching our nonprofit coworking + onsite playschool space in February, our blossoming Inc. Community and all of our supporters like you! 

We are continuously evolving and working on making our model better every day so we can bring it to other neighborhoods in the future. While we didn't we make it the final rounds of fundraising opportunities like SVP Fast Pitch and the Starbucks #upstanders challenge, we are grateful for those experiences as they helped us hone our vision and mission.

We are amazed at the wonderful Inc. community that has grown over these past nine months. We now have nearly 70 members who use The Inc. as they need it. Our members are students, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, business owners, dream chasers, and "get stuff done-ers." They all share the goal of wanting to invest in their careers with the help of our affordable, flexible, onsite childcare.

We are grateful for all of their kind words! Below are a few member thoughts about The Inc.:

Jessica P, Medical Writer: 
"It's been really nice to have flexible childcare available at The Inc. as my work changes and floats. Because my work is project based sometimes there's a lot of things to do and sometimes there's not."

Serena W, Interventional Technologist, Faculty Member of a local Seattle College, Medical Coordinator :
"Because I work in the medical field, I have odd hours and it's hard to have childcare at a specific time. Having The Inc. as option to get my work done and have drop off is amazing. Remote work is hard, because I don’t typically have co workers to interact with. But here at The Inc. it’s nice to have that sense of professional environment and meeting new people."

Stephanie C. Event Manager:
"The Inc. provided an opportunity for me to be close to my son and be able to do work at the same time. It also allowed him to interact with kids his own age which I think is very important."

Rachel A., Creative Entrepreneur, Founder/Owner of Stitch Octopus:
"I feel incredibly lucky that my entrepreneurial timeline lined up with The Inc.'s. The Inc. is an incredible place for getting stuff done, meeting awesome people, and conducting photo shoots."


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