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Lauren Watkins,  |  Instagram: @readtowriteblog

Hello, I’m Lauren Watkins, an aspiring writer, blogger and Mom to a delightful, spunky two year old little girl. I have a background in health communication and nonprofits and I am currently exploring my love for creative storytelling and community engagement. I also have an overwhelming desire to create work that matters.

With all of this in mind, I am eagerly looking forward to contributing to The Inc. Blog. I am thrilled to be a member of The Inc. and happened upon this gem last Fall after seeing an advert on my Next Door Neighbor App. I read “onsite child care” and I was hooked! I said out loud, “No way!” thinking it was definitely too good to be true. A few days later I visited the Inc.

Sarah (The Inc.'s Executive Director of Operations) gave me a helpful tour of the space and answered my questions. I was immediately sold!

I had been toying with the idea of writing again but I had no idea what that would look like. With a husband who works night shifts and frequently travels for work -  we’re constantly trying to figure out a harmonious balance for everyone. After taking two years off of the full-time working treadmill, I feel like I’m ready to jump back on. However re-entering the job market after a sabbatical can be a daunting experience. Within The Inc’s coworking space and on-site playschool I found a safe springboard to give me the motivational and confidence boost I desperately needed.  

The Inc. has created the space for me to write, quietly sit with big ideas and boldly begin to create a project plan for the next few months. With the help, encouragement and support of Kate Holmes Thompson and our Group Coaching Series I feel more confident that my creative muscle memory will kick in. I have hit some roadblocks along the journey so far, enough to activate my sweat glands!

However, I remain grateful for this environment, for the space and for the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives. The mutual empathy and encouragement I have experienced has been phenomenal.        

I am hopeful for all the ways we can connect and support one another in our various career pursuits, passions and dreams. Behind the desk and over a cup of coffee, intentional conversations can create unique opportunities to collaborate more often than we usually would in a traditional office. Our common ties bind us together - we’re parenting in Seattle, balancing work and social lives, seeking personal development and juggling family life. I know that I have thrived at The Inc. and I look forward with anticipation to see what’s next for me and for all of us.  

The posts you find here will be written with the purpose of encouraging, inspiring and motivating you to do what you do best! We’ll tie together a few of the Play school themes for the month and we’ll dive into the deeper conversations you want to have. Our playschool themes for March include the topic of empathy and dealing with transitions and changes. We care about you and what you care about! Comment below and share with us how The Inc. has created a safe springboard for you to land on? How have the Connections you’ve made at The Inc. supported you in your work and life? We would love to hear from you. 

- Lauren 

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