The Inc. Community is joining the global choir of voices in celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD). IWD is on March 8th this year - and it’s particularly significant since 2018 is the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote. This day provides an important moment to celebrate the economic, cultural and political achievements of women by reaffirming commitment to women's equality, launching new initiatives, highlighting gender parity gains, and more.

This year, gender parity is under an intense spotlight. Marches have already taken place in cities around the world and will continue throughout this week. Scroll down to see our suggested list of local events for those wanting to link arms and add your voice to the ensemble.  

IWD 2018 comes on the heels of the global #metoo movement, which emphasizes the right that women have to be protected from sexual discrimination, harassment, and assault. Women and men around the world are tirelessly working to advocate for women’s rights and equalize pay gaps - yet there’s much more to be done.

At The Inc., we want to see women (and men) thrive and excel in their lives and careers. Now more than ever there is a huge need to support women looking to freelance and/or work from home. We’ve been hearing women frustratedly searching for the perfect solution for childcare while they work. The Inc. is creating an alternative space to do this by creating a coworking space that provides an on-site playschool for their young children. We are walking alongside women, working to ensure they are given a co-equal place in society and the workplace.    

We will have “Selfie” signs available at The Inc. in the kitchen area from Wednesday to Friday. If you’re on social media, consider posting about IWD, take a selfie holding a sign and include the hashtags -  #INCspiring #theinccommunity #IWD2015 #PressForProgress

- Lauren Watkins,  |  IG @readtowriteblog


 Seattle IWD Events

International Women's Day: Taking Charge of your Success (The Riveter, Seattle)

AIGA Seattle Women Lead Happy Hour (DEI Creative, Seattle) 

International Women's Day Celebration and America Rise Launch Party (Nii Modo Art Gallery, Seattle)

Be Bold Seattle: International Women's Day (Benaroya Hall, Seattle)




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