What’s the difference between Women’s Business Incubator and The Inc.?

Women’s Business Incubator is the parent nonprofit organization of The Inc. Women’s Business Incubator’s mission is to give women the support and confidence they need to overcome barriers in business and in their careers.

There are five critical areas that the Women’s Business Incubator will focus on to further its mission: Leadership Training Circles, Microloans and Access to Financing, Mentorship and Business Training, Professional Office Space and Business Services and Quality, Flexible Childcare Services for young children.  

Currently, Women’s Business Incubator is focused on two critical areas (professional office space and quality, flexible childcare) and launched its flagship program The Inc., a community coworking + playschool hub in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. Read more about The Inc.


What is Coworking?

Coworking is a rapidly growing movement over the past decade where individuals gather to work together. Community is a core value of coworking and no one needs a community more than a parent especially in the early years with a young child. Coworking has also been proven effective in helping individuals feel more productive, less isolated, and has helped with the launch and incubation of new businesses. Seattle is one of the top coworking cities in the US. Learn more about the history of Seattle coworking and other amazing coworking spaces through the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance blog. (The Inc. is an SCSA member)


What is a Playschool?

Cultivating CURIOSITY, EMPATHY, CREATIVITY, and COMMUNITY through play is at the heart of The Inc.'s Playschool Philosophy.

With 90% of a child’s critical brain development occurring by the age of five, The Inc. Playschool is not a drop off point or a holding tank, it is a nest for our youngest coworkers to grow their hearts and minds through play.  Through responsive caregiving and reflective teaching, our commitment is to foster a community of learners to be the critical thinkers and collaborative partners of tomorrow

Learn more about our Playschool rooms.


Why is The Inc. only open for four hours?

The Inc.'s preschooler room follows a license-exempt preschool model which allows up to four hours of care for each individual child per day. This room currently offers a morning session a day, but we anticipate adding an afternoon session based upon demand.

The Inc.'s toddler room follows a drop-in model that is used by gyms and grocery stores across WA state. We can provide hourly care of up to four hours with a minimum of two hours for toddler-age children as long as the parent remains onsite.

The Inc.'s long-term goal is to have a full day licensed childcare center with full day booking available. You can help with our goal by donating here


When will The Inc. expand to afternoon hours and/or other locations? 

The Inc. team + WBI Board are carefully reviewing this option. Afternoon hours will depend upon demand. Sign up to let us know if you prefer the afternoon or another location. 


What makes The Inc. different from other coworking spaces, drop-in care facilities or preschools in the area?

The Inc. combines an office space + care for young children ALL IN ONE PLACE. No more struggling to drive from home, childcare/preschool, office 2x a day and feeling like you just can’t get anything accomplished. Also you get quality child care for when you need it and you don’t have to commit to a traditional preschool calendar year. Our affordable pricing covers access to BOTH the Coworking + Playschool room. No need to pay separate fees to rent an office + pay for childcare. 


Does my child have to be potty-trained?

Nope! We accept children who are not potty-trained however parents must remain onsite to handle their child’s diaper/potty needs. If a non potty-trained child is in the toddler room, a parent will receive a pager and will be buzzed (Yes, just like in a restaurant!) when their child has a dirty diaper. If a non potty-trained child is in the preschooler room, an INC. team member will notify you to assist your child.

Once a child is 2.5 years old and potty-trained, a parent can leave The Inc. for client meetings, errands, etc., but must return promptly for pickup.


Do I need to pack snacks/lunch for my child?  

Yes! The preschooler room has snack and lunch breaks and the toddler room has snack time as well. Please note that we are NOT a nut-free zone as we share the Playschool rooms with the Church. If your child has a food allergy, please let to staff know and they will do their best to accommodate your child.

Please remember to label your child’s lunchbox + water bottle (as well as coats and bags) to help make transitions for snack/lunch time easier. This is a wonderful opportunity to teach your child independence so labeling items can help them (and the staff) identify and obtain their belongings on their own when needed.


I don’t have my own business. Can I become a member?

Yes! We welcome any parent/caregiver who needs quality, flexible childcare into our space. ANY parent who has a flexible schedule (entrepreneur, business owner, remote worker, freelancer, student or HOUSEHOLD CEO) and needs focused time to work, study or complete a project while their child is engaged nearby is a perfect Inc. member!


I am not a mom. Can I become a member?

Yes! As long as you are a caregiver whose child(ren) will be attending one of The Inc.’s Playschool rooms you can join. The Inc. realizes that the need for quality, flexible affordable childcare is a dilemma that all caregivers face. We are an inclusive community and do not discriminate against anyone based upon race, gender, religion, etc. 


Can I drop in for a tour?

Yes! Please BOOK A TOUR. If you are driving/walking by and have a few minutes to pop in during our business hours of 9am - 1pm we will try our best to accommodate you.


How do I become a member and book my spot?

You can sign up, purchase bundles and book your spot immediately online. Once you sign up as an Inc. member, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to set up your online account and a link to complete your family and medical information. You will also receive emails with the following documents - The Inc. waiver and The Inc. member handbook. You can review each document and sign online.  


How do I pay for my membership and session bookings?

All payment and bookings can be done online once you set up your Inc. account.


Is there an area where I can take phone calls and video conferences?

Our secondary coworking room also acts as a meeting room + phone call room. Members can book this room online (first come, first served.) The Inc. team will write meeting room bookings for the day on the door’s signup sheet to notify other members. If this room is already booked and you need to make a phone call, feel free to use the library nook or the break room as well.


Can I bring in guests who don’t need childcare for meetings?

The Inc. team and WBI Board are carefully reviewing this option. Currently, we aren’t allowing guests due to child safety and space capacity flow, but may offer this as a member benefit with some restrictions in the future.


Can I leave The Inc. to go to client meetings or run errands?

Yes, as long as your child is 2.5 years old and potty-trained.


How do I connect with other Inc. members?

The Inc. has a private community board which members can access through their online account. The Inc. also has a FB group “The Inc.’s GSD Club” if members prefer connecting there. The Inc. Team does its best to create opportunities inside + outside the space for members to connect and build a sense of community. When members book online they can see upcoming events at The Inc. and will be notified of any special news/updates via the community board.


Didn’t see your question answered? Then reach out to The Inc. team directly at hello@theinccoworking.org and we’ll respond within 24-48 hours.

*Please note that we only answer emails during normal business hours to help maintain our own work/life balance. Thanks for understanding!