"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Motivated by their own personal experiences of struggling to balance careers, starting new businesses and raising young children and seeing so many other working parents particularly talented mothers face similar challenges, The Inc.'s Board is taking action to create an innovative and supportive model where parents can work while their young children learn and play nearby all under one roof. 


Board of Directors


Leo Lam, Treasurer and Founding Board Member

Leo is a technologist turned business development executive. He was a faculty in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington and he frequently guest lectures at the Foster School of Business in Entrepreneurship. As an active Angel investor, he coaches and mentors many founders, and he is a proud investor in two successful women-led companies in Seattle. 

Sarah Beaumont Hines, Board Member + The Inc.'s Executive Director Operations  

Sarah is The Inc.'s Executive Director of Operations and a project management consultant with a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and experience in Corporate HR Operations. Sarah has been a coworking advocate since 2012 and has supported other Seattle coworking spaces during their early stages and was involved with the Women’s Business Incubator from the beginning. 


Marlene Mejia Weiss, Board Member + The Inc.'s Executive Director of Outreach

Marlene is The Inc.'s Executive Director of Outreach and a marketing/PR freelancer with a background in sports marketing and licensed consumer products. Marlene blends her unique experience in business development, strategic partnerships, content strategy and marketing project management to foster growth for early stage startups and small businesses.


Melissa Imboden, Board Secretary

Melissa is a marketer-turned bookkeeper for a nonprofit tech company. As one of The Inc.'s first members, Melissa uses the coworking + playschool hub to balance work deadlines and caring for her 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son and connect with other like-minded parents since she is a recent transplant to Seattle. 


June Nho Ivers, Board Member

June is a Seattle-based producer and mom of two who makes video content for people, documentaries and big companies. June believes that if you want to make the world a better place for your kids, you need to work together with your community today. She is doing just that by contributing her production expertise to The Inc. and helping with The Inc.'s Playschool needs.


Stephanie Rogan, J.D., Board Member  

Stephanie is a licensed attorney, wife and mom of two who also has a background in Recruiting and Human Resources. Stephanie has contributed to The Inc. by assisting with legal research, contract review, networking and pitching in the 2017 SVP Fast Pitch competition where she helped The Inc. earn a semifinalist finish. 


Kate Holmes Thompson, Board Member

Kate is a leadership and career coach, working with people to get what they want in their lives. She's particularly passionate about coaching parents to create time for themselves, work, relationships, families, and their ambitions. Prior to becoming a coach, Kate was a nonprofit consultant and led marketing teams in the food and beverage industry. 


Advisory Board


Marnee Chua, Visionary + Co-Founder

Marnee is The Inc.'s (formerly Women's Business Incubator) Visionary + Co-Founder, Executive Director of Clarion West Writers Workshop, Co-Founder + President of Works Progress, wife and mom of two boys. She is a professional fundraiser by training and experience and has worked with non-profit organizations, educational institutions and start-up boards.


Elise Gooi, Playschool Program Advisor

Elise's first job was as an Education Room Intern at a Boys & Girls Club and she has been passionate about quality and equity in education ever since. Committing the last 10 years in the early childhood field, most of her career has been invested in coaching, mentoring and supervising early childhood professionals. Elise supports The Inc.’s mission by providing consultation to the Playschool.  


Ela Compton, Inc. Member + Brand New Idea LLC

Ela's speciality and passion is creating authentic brands for private and public entities - large and small. User interaction and audience perspective drive her work for any brand. Ela gives form to an idea and help brands stand out across all media (digital, print, ambient etc.). She is also a mom and wife, an avid yoga and meditation practitioner, serial entrepreneur and artist.


Brooke Smith O'Connor, Inc. Member + Design Professional

Brooke specializes in design for brochures, magazines, sales literature and annual reports. She partners with researchers, engineers, and UX to deliver on a full suite of branding and communication needs. Her clients receive the foundational brand tools that propel their business forward to see results and realize their business goals.