To achieve gender equity in entrepreneurship, in the workplace and at home. 


The Inc. vision + Mission

Our Why, "To achieve gender equity in entrepreneurship, in the workplace and at home" — is pretty big.


We've seen some recent progress towards gender equity with movement toward more equal pay, increased investment in women-led businesses and paid family leave coming to the forefront of public discussion. But we've also experienced little to no progress for the most important piece to achieving gender equity with work: CHILDCARE. The traditional full-time childcare system is just not working for today's modern working parents where many can work remotely and flexibly for their corporate job or as an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business owner. Childcare centers can be too rigid, too expensive, unavailable and the task of finding and managing childcare can be a major obstacle for a parent (generally defaulting to moms) to continue working, return back to work or successfully launch a business.

The Inc.'s strong sense of community and call-to action to achieve gender equity at work drives us to create these community-driven, neighborhood-centric workspaces that meet the needs for more affordable, flexible childcare options and welcoming, child-friendly spaces where parents can work and children can play. 


building towards the future

As The Inc. explores how to create a bigger impact and serve more families, reimagining underutilized community spaces like churches is key to our model's success. Transforming these previously underutilized churches into thriving coworking and childcare community resources shows what's possible when we combine our imagination and curiosity.

The Inc. is moving and growing alongside the modern mindsets and attitudes around work and family. We are a community of parents and supporters who like to think outside the sandbox and color outside the lines! We seek to work with strategic partners and other major contributors who share our values and vision for the future to help sustainably grow our business model to other neighborhoods in the Puget Sound and beyond.

The Inc. continues to tinker and refine its services and build the community at its first Seattle location, in the Green Lake neighborhood.