April's Member Spotlight: Elise Worthy, Entrepreneur/Owner of Kids on 45th


I am excited to share the deeper conversation I had with Inc. member Elise Worthy, the new CEO of the well-loved Wallingford children’s consignment store - Kids on 45th and our April Inc. Member Spotlight! (If you are an Inc. newsletter reader, you may recall that we mentioned Elise in our last one.) I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to chat with Elise and share her insights as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and software developer with you just in time for National Small Business week which is this week, April 30-May 5. So let's dive right in and meet Elise and learn more about her business! 

Since graduating with an MBA from the University of California at 25, Elise set out to acquire the marketing and project management experience that has laid the foundation for her current work.  In June 2017, she purchased Kids on 45th and is using it as a platform for innovation in children’s resale and recycling. With a keen awareness of the limited time moms have to shop for their children’s clothes, she is placing an emphasis on online sales, subscriptions and mail-based recycling.   

She jokingly comments, “As an owner of a children’s clothing store, I don’t have time to buy pants for my son, Isaac. It’s a running joke in the family.” Kids on 45th have recently launched an online subscription service that will hopefully make the shopping experience an easy, convenient and affordable option for busy parents. As part of the service, every season's high-quality used clothing will be delivered to your doorstep. Outgrown or unworn clothing can be returned for credit towards your next box. As a mom to two children under the age of 4 she recognizes time is a limiting factor. “I don’t have much time to shop recreationally these days and shopping with toddlers is not easy.”

The team at Kids on 45th works hard to create a sustainable business with an affirming environment for their customers where parents and caregivers feel validated. “We want to meet moms where they are at. Parenting is hard. Our goal is to be approachable and to offer personable service. We want it to be a laid-back and fun experience. You won’t need to put on a false pretense while you shop with your little ones. Every child has a tantrum or an accident. It’s cool. We’re all in this together.” she says.   

Elise helped rescue a business that was about to close down. Last year, Elise, was a consigner at Kids on 45th. When she missed her consignment appointment she called to reschedule and was told the business was closing down. Now she is an owner of a 30 year old neighborhood business, and she’s making waves in the children’s consignment world.

What does a typical day look like in the life of Elise Worthy, I ask her. “Every day is different. In the morning I try to write down a 5-point to-do list for the day, to get those top of the mind things done. And every morning I begin my day with a cup of pour over coffee that I make. I feel very lucky. I lean very heavily on my parents and my mother in law lives with us. So many things wouldn’t be possible without them.” Elise also relies on The Inc. Greenlake as a reliable and flexible option for her son when his preschool is closed for breaks and vacations. “The Inc truly is an innovative business concept, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”  

Her advice for those in marketing or just starting out in business —”Marketing is about a drum beat. Just keep going- even if it feels like it’s not happening, that’s how your customers will remember you.”

For news and updates on sales check their Facebook page. They have a one year anniversary celebration coming up at the beginning of June. Now is a perfect time to spring clean and clean out the closets because they are currently accepting open drop offs in the store every week from Sunday to Wednesday. Bring in two bags of clothing for $10 of instant credit per bag. They will accept any size and season of clothing, aside from heavy winter snow gear.

- Lauren Watkins, readtowriteblog.com, Instagram: @readtowriteblog