June's Member Spotlight: The Baumans

photo courtesy of Christy and Andrew Bauman

photo courtesy of Christy and Andrew Bauman

We are excited to feature a couple for our June’s member spotlight! Christy and Andrew are a powerhouse couple who are building a meaningful and fulfilling life together. They are both mental health counsellors and licensed supervisors in Washington .who are passionate about their work.

Andrew and Christy use The Inc. to work on various writing projects and business administration. Christy is an author, teacher and psychotherapist, with 11 years of experience in the mental health field. In her counseling work, she specializes in advocating for women and healthy sexuality. Christy received a Masters in Counseling in 2007 and is certified in Medical Family Therapy, Trauma and Abuse. She published Unearth in 2008, and is writing and editing a Mental Health resource book, while working towards a doctorate at Seattle Pacific University.

Andrew is a licensed mental health counselor, writer and published author. He holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology and is currently working on his Doctorate degree. In his therapy work, he specializes in problematic sexual behavior among men. He works with his clients to strengthen their capacity for intimacy within interpersonal relationships.

“I love my kids, but they also drive me bonkers when I have to meet a deadline. The Inc. created the space I needed to accomplish all I needed to work on and still be a good dad! Whoa! It’s a win-win” Andrew says.  

The Inc. also provides a consistent familial experience for the Baumans. The preschool is a special place and their kids really enjoy Teacher Alex. Christy also looks forward to networking and collaborating with fellow INCers in the future.“We’re big believers in The Inc. and highly recommend it for those in a season of building their family..”

Christy heard about The Inc. through its initial crowdfunding campaign long before it was operational. As soon as the space was up and running, she was determined to join. After touring the premises she immediately paid for the largest child care package available. Right now Christy is learning to be more present and to create more balance in her life. Regarding her mothering and partnering, “I want to do that well. The Inc. helps me to do things well. It gets rid of the “Mom guilt.”

After being a part of The Inc. community for just 6 months, Christy and Andrew felt they could comfortably grow their family with the flexible child care support provided to members. Christy says, “It’s such a worthwhile investment and a great fit for us. It’s my sanctuary to get work done. It allows me the flexibility we need and access to my kids when they need me.”

This summer will be an exciting time in the Bauman household - not only are they expecting another child in June, but they also just released a short film and book and have a couple more publications coming out in the next few months. They are both so grateful for the space. “It’s allowing us to further our businesses and also to grow our family...We’re having an Inc. baby!”, she jokingly remarks.

Together they are parents to four children: a 5 year old boy, and 3 year old girl and one on the way. As parents they experienced the tragic loss of their first born child, Jackson Brave Bauman. Their book, A Brave Lament  was written about the heartache and grief they went through after the loss of their son. A Brave Lament has recently been made into a short documentary film and it premieres in Seattle on June 24th at The Big Picture Movie Theatre.  After the premiere, it will be available for rent on Amazon Prime and Vimeo. View the trailer here and purchase tickets here.

Andrew has a variety of projects in the works that came to life while working at The Inc. He has two books out now, The Psychology of Porn and A Brave Lament. Another book, Stumbling Toward Wholeness, will be released in the fall and is available for pre-order on Amazon. 

We are thrilled to have Andrew and Christy be a part of The Inc. community and be such a strong example of partnership! #couplegoals

Check out the links below to learn more about Christy and Andrew’s work.



Written by INCer Lauren Watkins, readtowriteblog.com and IG @readtowriteblog